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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we hear a lot of things in this neighborhood. we did hear pop, pop, pop. a deadly confrontation with an officer in the hospital after lease a ace aspect hit and dragged him with a car. here at the third baptist church, the concert will go on as planned as a choir survives a fiery crash.
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now, their voices are helping them heal. the community is stepping up to replace what was lost. a horse that crossed the finish line 1st, but did not win, big upset at the kentucky derby, good evening. we begin tonight with the deadly confrontation between san jose police and an alleged carjack her. we have the ordeal that shut down a neighborhood for the entire day. >> reporter: nine hours after this officer involved shooting, police have the crime tape up and a heavy presence around this apartment complex. the violence began when officers showed up for a stolen car around the back carport area. tonight, several patrol cars guard the entrance to the crime scene on story road. residents were allowed into their homes with proper identification. the san jose police say just before 1:00 p.m., officers found a man's ring in the
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driver seat of a stolen car. three officers blocked in the vehicle and gave the suspect commands. they say the suspect did not come by and instead rammed the car into a patrol vehicle. he then drove it into officers. one officer was hit by the car. he fell to the ground and was dragged by the suspect's vehicle, and then was pinned between the stolen car and a parked car. all three officers opened fire at the suspect according to police, hitting him at least once. he was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. the injured officer was rushed to the hospital for treatment of serious, but time, shootings, gang members getting in and out of jail, it's horrible. i'm trying to save money and get out of here, but it's hard.>> reporter: she lives nearby, several neighbors watch this unfold this afternoon. >> what did your neighbors here? >> they heard pop, pop, pop,
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pop. >> reporter: this man has lived here for 7 years. >> we hear a lot of things in the neighborhood. 3 years ago we had a drive-by at this building. >> reporter: the police did not release the identity of the suspect because they have to notify next of kin. the officers that open fire will be placed on routine, paid administrative leave. in san jose, reporting for kpix 5. this is dan, five people were rushed to the hospital after a shooting in stockton. two victims are in critical condition tonight. police say three men and two women were shot at a shopping plaza just after 8:00 tonight. so far, no word of any arrest or motive for the shooting. this is the third shooting in the area in the last two weeks. minutes ago, stockton smear tweeted this, a surge of crime after a reduction in shootings and homicide last year. this is
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a reminder we must stay vigilant and do all we can to ensure the safety of our residents. go. tonight, a world-renowned choir group managed to escape in the nick of time. andrea joins us now at the third baptist church in san francisco where the group will take the stage smile.>> reporter: yes, the choir traveled from alabama to san francisco to perform here at the third baptist church tomorrow. despite being involved in a horrific crash, the concert will go on as planned. it was just before 1:00 saturday morning, a bus and suv ostend to flames. the choir just landed at sfo and was on his way to a hotel at the time of the crash. the cars were trying to swerve around the stalled car triggering an accident. the cars scattered across the roadway. the lincoln navigator
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plowed into the back of the bus , killing the driver in the suv. >> that is what started the blaze. the guy hit from behind did not make it. we will keep that family in prayer. >> reporter: all 18 students and two staff members were able to safely get off the bus before it was engulfed in flames. >> we are shaken up. we lost things and not lives.>> reporter: for this group, they healed by using their voices. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: hours after the crash, they performed at the philadelphia seventh-day adventist church. >> out of this bitter experience , did not make them better. they were able to sing better. >> reporter: the reverend of the third just baptist church required and invited them to
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come back. while they are dealing with rattled nerves, they will continue to sing. we are determined to seeing anyhow. that represents a group of young people and their director who will triumph over tragedy. they are able to make beauty from ashes. >> reporter: members of the choir lost many belongings in the fire, but the community stepped up to help. this francisco police officers association was one of the first ones to deliver a very generous donation to the choir. reporting live in san francisco, kpix 5. tomorrow's choir performance starts at 5:00 p.m. at the baptist church, and admission is free. you might remember last
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year, police found a man's headless body in an aquarium in his home. now, the property is listed for 1 1/2 million dollars. despite the sinister history, the house on santa clara street has no shortage of interest from purchasers. this is one of the few single- family homes in the area. a top selling realtor tells us that offers came very quickly after just two weeks. he says if you do not mind the gruesome history, the asking price is a steal. neighbors feel differently about the whole thing. >> this is 3600 square feet of land. this is a steal. >> oh no, i cannot sleep at night and there knowing that my friend had been dismembered there. >> the murder of the homeowner, brian egg, is shrouded in mystery. the detectives arrested a man, but they let them go because there was not enough evidence
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to file charges. this is a video of a fire in a shopping center. firefighters went to a home depot near the emeryville border earlier tonight. you can see huge flames and lacks burning at the back of the business. investigators say is started in a storage area at 9:00 tonight. everybody inside the store got out all right and no one was hurt. home depot did say they had $160,000 worth of damage to merchandise. the horse across the finish line 1st at today's kentucky derby did not end up winning. instead, the horse was disqualified. this is the first and derby history. here's what happened. >> reporter: a stunning finish to the world's most famous horse race. macutyh finished first was disqualified after the race was contested. country house, a 65-1 longshot came in second place, and was declared the winner in a huge upset. >> this is a great moment. it is a dream come true.
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>> reporter: race stewards deliberated and determined that maximum-security strayed from his lane before being clear of another horse. and nearly caused the collision. country houses trainer reflected on the moment. >> it is bittersweet. you always want to win with a clean trip and have everyone recognize the horse as the very good horse and athlete that he is. i do think due to the disqualification, some of that is diminished. >> reporter: maximum-security became the first horse ever disqualified in the derbies 145 year history. his jockey said the noise of the crowd of 150,000 fans unnerved the horse. track conditions were listed as sloppy for the 19 horses that battled it out in the first race of the triple crown. coming up later, we will have more highlights on this race. north korea fired a volley of short ranged missiles from their east coast.
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the missiles splashed down between 40 and 125 miles offshore. the pentagon and arms experts are looking at satellite data to figure out exactly what they were. the tests are the first by north korea in more than a year. the maybe art of a strategy to pressure president trump to return to negotiations on north korea's terms. in florida, investigators have the flight data recorder from a plane that slid off the runway and into a river. the voice recorder is still in the tail, which is underwater. the boeing 737 was on a military charter, it went to jacksonville from guantanamo bay, cuba. all 143 people on board survived. health officials are on alert with a new measles case at the university. we learned a uc irvine student has tested positive for measles. he was on campus for three days
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while sick, visiting multiple buildings and exposing students and faculty. he was vaccinated, and had not traveled abroad recently. there have been 40 confirmed cases of measles in california this year alone, including 10 in the bay area. berkeley woman hopes make history on mount everest. she wants to climb all the way up and back in just two weeks. that's 14 days. that's never been done before. roxanne vogel is going to the himalayas to prepare. she has been sleeping in and out of it -- altitude chamber tent. she says this type of regiment worked when she made other rapid ascents. she has already climbed five of the seven highest mountain peaks in the world, including iceland, indonesia, and ecuador. she is adding her sights on the tallest one of all.
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>> out of sheer curiosity, i want to climb the mountain anyway. i want to push the limits. i think this is a neat science project. >> when she gets to the top of everest, she plans to eat a dehydrated ice cream sandwich. coming up, one year since the massive volcano eruption. we show you dramatically changed the landscape of hawaii's big island today. the gift of an old station is not cheap. we're showing you the amazing view from the tallest rooftop bar in the bay area. the clouds are coming in ♪ 1,2,3,4
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road crews are working to the aftermath of a master and major silk on plant fire. you can see crews working to knock down the fire right here. this happened at a silicone plant in lake county just north of chicago. officials say they are working with the owner to secure the site. one body is been recovered by two employees are missing. othe the explosion leveled the building. you can see this debris that is hazardous.
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it needs to be contained before the search continues. officials say that nine people were in the building when it asked loaded. there's no word yet on what caused the accident. the big island of hawaii has been erupting continuously for decades. it has been a year since it let loose. the largest and most destructive volcano really change the landscape. it has been spitting lava for months, changing the landscape of the big island. this is a side-by-side look of last year and today, there is a massive account surrounded by hardened lava. scientists say this produce more than 1 billion cubic yards of new land. it is enough to fill up 320,000 olympic size swimming pools. with that, 700 homes were destroyed. a river of lava leftonthe way t ocean. when it was all over, which it is not yet, there were 900
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acres of new land. the summit changes are even more dramatic. >> what we have left is a massive crater. it went from half a mile wide to a mile and half wide. it's now 1600 feet deep. during the latest series of eruptions, 60,000 earthquakes rocked the island. it is viewed sulfur in the air, geologists say that it will erupt again. it is erupting. in terms of big eruptions, they do not know exactly when. the city of alameda is trying a new strategy. they hope it will transform the navy base into an economic powerhouse. when they inherited the old naval air station, was a gift that came with a hidden price tag. city officials say the bases infrastructure, water, and sewer storm drains are crumbling. it will cost a fortune to fix. now the city want to begin the ing land near the
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infrastructure. >> this is a renaissance that has been a long time in the making. if you come to develop peer, the land sale proceeds that we receive are reinvested into the backbone infrastructure. >> city officials plan to sell the parcel and for $32 million. they are hopeful that the transaction will have a domino effect amongst the businesses. with new images to show you of the aftermath of a dui crash . police say the driver of this white truck rammed into five parked vehicles. this happened around 7:00 this evening. the driver was arrested forces mission of driving under the influence. since this crash, officers have made three more dui arrests tonight. if you are a fan of the san jose variety, you should be aware of new rules at the tank.
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they are implementing a new back policy. it's not just for hockey games. this is for all shows of the facility. he will begin on july 1. all bags have to be clear and no bigger than 12 inches by 12 inches. some small clutches will be allowed, but no backpacks, briefcases, or big versus. in enhancing the security, they hope this will reduce the amount of time that people spend in line waiting to get in. just in time for summer, we are getting our first look at the tallest rooftop bar in the bay area. this is called sky deck. it is located on the 40th floor of the loews regency hotel. loews regency is a fifth tallest building in the city. ak instunning panoramic views of the bay. it is open tuesdays through
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saturdays from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. tonight, you'd have trouble seeing how beautiful this is what the cloud and fox moving in. tonight, we have drizzle along the shoreline. tomorrow will be cooler than it was today. we do have a good view of coit tower. napa is at 72 degrees. oakland is at 75. at the moment, the numbers have tumbled into the 50s. visibility has suffered as creeps into the shoreline with drizzle as well. we will start out morning with sunrise at 6:10 with skies at the coast. we have early going clouds at the bay. the numbers will be near 50 degrees. same clouds will be affecting lpga. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. with a lot of clouds and 59 degrees. i don't know if golfers like
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temperatures that low but they job a choice. it will be 67 degrees in mountain view. future cast is showing us what is on the way. we have low pressure along the teacher cash shows us what is happening we have drizzle tonight. tomorrow night, in the early hours, we have a chance of showers moving into the bay area. column looks okay. we are in the mid range, except for monday. to sum this up, tonight we will get fog and clouds. we will have some drizzle comments cooler tomorrow was showers coming in. it will clear on monday, then it's warm for the rest of the week. in the extended forecast, we will look at temperatures warming into the midst of these by tuesday and wednesday. that is after a chance is wrinkles late sunday. will clear out a warm-up some to cover in sports. we have that, coming up. this is a triumphant
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the warriors were down by one point. from deep, the warriors are now up by two points. will they get out of this? the final seconds, tied, got tied up by clay thompson. the game went to overtime. that is when the rockets had back-to-back three-pointers. he scored 41 points in ga. steph curry had no legs left, house you explain this? that was a rough night. he shot 7-23. they cut the warriors seriously to two games to one. game four is on monday. was be honest, we would have been a steal if we have won that game. they did outplay us. we had a lot of mistakes. we got outplayed. houston played very well and they deserve to win. we let one get away tonight. we had a grand opportunity and we did not take advantage of it. we got the opportunity to do
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the nhl playoffs are happening with the sharks. what happened when they played at a normal altitude? they defended home eyes, joe, the captain, fired up the crowd tonight at the shark tank against the avalanche. they were up 1-0. this is deflected in with the game- tying score. in the third period, hurdle, again? you bet. he put the sharks in front 2-1. a few minutes later, tyson gets a great chance to tie up the game, but he is stopped twice by martin jones. san jose won to take the 3-2 series lead. let'the baseball, beards like this belong in hockey. the giants pick up rodriguez. take a close look, kevin, what
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a grab! wow! he took it away from neck. two innings later, he gets a shot again. no doubt about it, this is is first big-league home run. he allowed eight runs with no big comebacks. the reds win this 19-2. i feel like when we show him with his arms folded, the a's lose. they are in pittsburgh, adelaide in the seventh, runners on, look where kevin put this one, in the corner. a few runners scored and the pirates come from behind to win 67 4. they have lost seven of the last eight games. in case you are walking in the door, at the derby, defeat snapped from the jaws of victory. you cannot interfere with the path of the other horses to do this. inquiry was made, film reboot and maximum security was disqualified. country house goes to victory.
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65-1 odds, the first time in the 145 year history that the derby winner was disqualified. i bet they will change the rule on that one. let's go over to golf. blake country club, round three, look at four under 68, she's got a three shot lead going into the final round on sunday. and college rugby,
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